Five Steps to Success in Social Media

It’s really important to understand the Social Media Landscape and how to communicate with users to effectively grow your business. This is a great way to successfully grow your business – as long as you follow these important Five Steps to Success in Social Media”.


Step 1 – Understand the Social Media Landscape

The main purpose  of the SocialMedia Users is to stay in touch with friends, family and loved ones or follow their favourite celebrities or interest groups.  Their main activity is sharing ideas, events and photos.  The Social Media sites are designed for users to be ‘social’ and its not a platform where users want to be “pitched to” with a product or business opportunity.

Step 2 – Understanding the Social Media User

If you want to use Social Media for Business you need to know how to identify with your ‘target market’ and know how to communicate effectively with them.

To find out more details on how to identify your target audience and connect with them – go here for more information:


Step 3 – Create Useful and Valuable Content for your Target Market

The best way to communicate with your target audience is to provide “Value-based Content” on topics which solve their problems or provide answers to their question that would be of interest to your target audience.

If you are in the weight loss or fitness industry you might include some helpful recipes or some simple exercises.  If you are a small business owners like a Plumber you could provide solutions to common problems experienced by your customers.

Providing “Value-Based Content” helps to position yourself as an authority naturally people will want to follow you.

You can provide content in many forms like written articles, podcasts or videos.  If you are shy in front of a camera you could use other methods such as; screen shots or pictures set to music, a recorded power point presentation with your voice.  You can embed the videos or write articles on your blog or website, or to Videos to Your YouTube Channel and send people to comment on them.

Step 4 – Developing Relationships With people

Many people on Social Media platform are just making a whole lot of noise – and no one is communicating.  Step outside from all the noise and start communicating.  This is where the magic starts happening!

This is where you start to build ‘trust’ and people are starting to get to know you and like you because  you are not ‘pitching’ to them but are providing ‘value’.   This is where you are putting the ‘social’ in social media.

Step 5 – Drive Traffic to Blog or Profile

Humans are naturally curious creatures and they will naturally want to check out your profile.  So make sure you are sending people to your blog or a capture page which has some form of collection email addresses.  (You can start with a ‘free’ version or there are low budget options too).

When people opt in to your information or newsletter they are raising their hand saying ”I like what you have and are saying –  I giving you permission to market to me”  Having a Autoresponder is the life blood of your business – This is where the business happens! …. You will hear many a guru say that the money is in the list – it’s true!

Learn how to communicate to your list in the most effective way and not just continually ‘pitching’ to them – then your prospects will ‘sell’ or ‘close’ themselves.

Social Media Success Steps

Ultimately, you want to drive traffic to where you can build your list and market continually to your audience.  It’s not a get-rich quick idea.  Think about it like running a marathon race and not a sprint.  The database is where it all happens.

The largest Social Media sites like: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are so popular right now are great places to start to build your social network and connecting with your ‘target market’.  It’s a great way to capture free leads and there is a great opportunity to build up your business right now – who knows the landscape may change in the future!

A Summary of the Five Steps to Success in Social Media:

  1. Identify Your Target Audience of Market
  2. Building & Understanding Your Audience
  3. Creating Valuable and Helpful Content
  4. Develop a Relationship & Building Trust
  5. Drive Traffic to Your Blog, Website or Capture Page

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