How to Connect with your Target Market in Social Media

Identify Your Target Market.

Identify with your Target MarketYou want to find someone who is actively looking for what it is that you have to sell so your first step is to identify your ‘target’ market.  It seldom works here in the social media platform when you are trying to sell stuff randomly to just anyone.

How to Identify Your Target Market

The best way to identify your target audience is to first find and connect with the Leaders within your industry – and every industry has them.

 If you have a product in the health or wellness, weight loss or fitness area then search and follow those recognised Industry Leader or Medical Professionals who you align with.  They will have a large fan base and you will want to join too.  These followers are your ‘target market’.

Connecting with Your Target Audience

Once you have identified your target market then send them a friend request (on Facebook) or follow them (on Twitter) or Subscribe to their Channel (on YouTube) and they will generally follow you back.  Make sure you send them an authentic personal message and not something ‘canned’ without mentioning anything you are ‘selling’.  This way you will start to build a ‘targeted audience’ and stand out from the others.

Adding Friends – Timing Is Everything!

Don’t be over zealous when adding friends on these sites.  It is far better to gradually add people over time.  As a general guideline try not to add no more than 20-25 people per day otherwise your activity may get you banded.  (You need to read the guidelines of these sites to see what limits there are for each.)

Aim to get a targeting following of around 2000 per social site and this is where you can start to make a difference and have some authority towards your audience.

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  2. Amy Jo Neal

    It’s crazy how many people overlook this simple, powerful FIRST STEP Kerry. Knowing who your ideal customer/business partner is is KEY to creating effective marketing!! Awesome post. ~Amy

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